"Knowledge management" has become a crucial subject and, obviously, sharing information and knowledge in organizations has never been any more important. We found two concepts answering the question of "how should knowledge sharing be, particularly, in design processes of manufacturing?" through discussions with several makers: "Forming and sharing design process" and "Sharing documents and data in design process". To implement these concepts, we suggest a method of describing processes as workflow using ShareFast system and managing documents by relating them to the workflow. Workflow in ShareFast is intended to help people in organizations understand the operation processes and flexible for changes of the processes. This method is useful not only in manufacturing but also in the domains of education and office work and so on other than manufacturing.

ShareFast has been developed through knowledge management research in Design Engineering Laboratory, The University of Tokyo. This project was adopted as one of "Exploratory Software Project" in the second half of 2005 by Information-technology Promotion Agency (IPA), Japan.


ShareFast is a client/server web application for managing files and data using RDF metadata on Jena framework as Semantic Web in organizations. Server software is to manage document while client software is to edit /browse workflow and search/browse documents. ShareFast also provides full-text search by ApacheLucena and blog-like discussion space, which is needed in general document management software or groupware.

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Users can draw workflow by selecting item from toolbar and locate it in field. Node property can be edited.

Workflow, selected in hierarchy, is displayed in right pane. Users know the process by it, and get the related documents by clicking each task in it.

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For Knowledge Management System

ShareFast can make the business process visible by using workflow, and can relate knowledge documents with each task that composes the process. Moreover, this system has the search engine to retrieve the documents related to each task. So, ShareFast can be used as a knowledge management system in the business.

Support various type of documents
- Documents on ShareFast Server
- Documents on Windows File Server
- Lotus Notes Documents
- Web Pages

For Creating Information Sharing Environment

ShareFast supports development of information sharing environment for small groups or laboratories, which makes sharing documents or papers comfortable. Documents and files can be registered by drag and drop, and full-text search and similar documents search are provided.

For Educational System

ShareFast can be used as a design education support system by writing down the design process into the workflow, and relating the calculation tool needed there with each design task that composes this workflow. Such use is effective to the design education for students at the university and young engineers in manufacturing.

For Design Support System

It is also possible to use ShareFast to support the designer's work by using it together with various industrial software (CAM, CFD, FEM, etc.). ShareFast provides the designer with some calculation tools or the knowledge documents. By operating various industrial software while referring to those provided knowledge, the designer comes to be able to proceed the design work more efficiently.

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ShareFast package includes installation and user manuals.

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Design Engineering Laboratory
ShareFast is one of our research achivements. Please visit our homepage to get more information.
Technosolution Co.,Ltd
Technosolution is a joint development partner.
Jena Semantic Web Framework
Jena is a framework for semantic web applications written in Java. ShareFast is developed using Jena framework.
Apache Lucene
Lucene is a text search engine entirely written in Java. ShareFast uses Lucene.
We develop ShareFast by Eclipse.
ShareFast Client software is developed using SharpDevelop.
IPA(Information-technology Promotion Agency, Japan)
ShareFast Project is supported by "Exploratory Software Project" conducted by IPA.
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